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lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

The Story Of The Wizard Of Oz Continued

Leaving to Emerald City

Charlie it's time to go to school - Says Dorothy -
Charlie is the son of Charlie she went to live with her husband and got a son.
Charlie.......Charlie........-Dorothy was afraid- Where are you?

With Charlie:

Sorry child, but...are you lost?- says scarecrow- Oh, I know who is your mother, is Dorothy true?
Yes, butwhy do you know this? - Charlie was afraid -
I'm a old friend of your mother, come on, i'm go with my other friends - says scarecrow very happy-


So you're Tin Man, you Glinda, you Lion, you the Wizard of Oz and you Scarecrow - says Charlie -
The Wizard says - Please, you got power, do that Dorothy come here please- 
Okey- Charlie was thinking and suddenly Dorothy was in Emerald city
Oh my god - says Dorothy - Charlie.....my friends?

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