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viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

James blunt - You're beautiful


You will never walk alone

Find out about something..

~If is not, what you're made off, you're not wath I'm looking for.


                     Say it was easy.....and nobody can say that we won't do it

Only wait.....

.......the correct person


Imposible is nothing

A thousand miles

  A true friend is the one who can touch you heart               from the other side of the world 

lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

Part of me

Good Song for me

One direction up all night

Our survey

We asked 31 people. Most of them were 20 years old men.
We have 30 coments 5 of them there are sexiest coments.
Here are some examples:
~ Women still don't have rights as men.( SEXIEST)
~ Girls pay more attention than boys. (SEXIEST)
~ We have the same rights. (NON SEXIEST)
~ Woman and men are equal. (NON SEXIEST)
We made men and woman silhoutes to post the comments.
We found slogans for the banners here are some examples:
~ Break the silence
~ Real men don't hit
~ Keep your fucking laws of my body
~ What part of no you don't understand?
Here's the picture of our final work in our classroom.

By: Yadhira López, Maria Ruiz., Carmen Aguilar, Luiza Oganesyan and me ( Carolina Cabrera )

Rap of music

Everybody, every body can sing this song
Come on come, let's go
It's time to have some fun
This is our rap this is our rap

English, music, Science and Math
These are the subjects we see in class


We want nice teacher
we want less homework
Because this class is the best
That's why we don't need tests


We are young
We don't know
But we'll show
Our dreams that could be hold


You can only stand this one way
There is no class like " Second A"

The Story Of The Wizard Of Oz Continued

Leaving to Emerald City

Charlie it's time to go to school - Says Dorothy -
Charlie is the son of Charlie she went to live with her husband and got a son.
Charlie.......Charlie........-Dorothy was afraid- Where are you?

With Charlie:

Sorry child, but...are you lost?- says scarecrow- Oh, I know who is your mother, is Dorothy true?
Yes, butwhy do you know this? - Charlie was afraid -
I'm a old friend of your mother, come on, i'm go with my other friends - says scarecrow very happy-


So you're Tin Man, you Glinda, you Lion, you the Wizard of Oz and you Scarecrow - says Charlie -
The Wizard says - Please, you got power, do that Dorothy come here please- 
Okey- Charlie was thinking and suddenly Dorothy was in Emerald city
Oh my god - says Dorothy - Charlie.....my friends?

Mysterius story

Bad Valentine's Day
Once upon time one girl. It was Valentine's day and her parents came out. But she stayed with her young brother. First at midnight she listened a sound, through it was her brother awake, because there was a storm. Suddenly, the door opened snd she saw a ghost of her brother.She shouted snd shouted then she didn't found her brother sdo vlosed the all doors and the windows. Later she heard a shout, voming from the cellar, therre was a letter on a chest. The letter said:

We love you shawty.

When she opened the chest , she saw her parents and her brother dead but nest to the family was a mirror and when she tooked the mirror. She died.