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lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

Our survey

We asked 31 people. Most of them were 20 years old men.
We have 30 coments 5 of them there are sexiest coments.
Here are some examples:
~ Women still don't have rights as men.( SEXIEST)
~ Girls pay more attention than boys. (SEXIEST)
~ We have the same rights. (NON SEXIEST)
~ Woman and men are equal. (NON SEXIEST)
We made men and woman silhoutes to post the comments.
We found slogans for the banners here are some examples:
~ Break the silence
~ Real men don't hit
~ Keep your fucking laws of my body
~ What part of no you don't understand?
Here's the picture of our final work in our classroom.

By: Yadhira López, Maria Ruiz., Carmen Aguilar, Luiza Oganesyan and me ( Carolina Cabrera )

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